Horse Poker Rules: Five Games in One

HORSE is one of those poker games that people either love or hate, but it is a great way to make some money on the side - particularly if you come up against opponents that do not understand the HORSE poker rules completely. This is a multi-handed contest that takes place over five different games played in sessions of equal length. So, you won't have to learn how to play it, really; you'll just need to know how to play the components. They are: H - Hold'Em, O - Omaha, R - Razz, S - Stud, and E - Eight which is Seven Card Hi/Lo Split with an eight qualifier.

In most situations, HORSE poker rules follow the standard guidelines of each of the five components. The only differences, then, are in the regulations that determine how long each section will progress. In a few special circumstances, tournaments may add in a few special guidelines, but this is not usually the case. All in all, as long as you understand the five basic components, you are in a good position to win some real cash.

Each of the rounds or sessions takes place in order according to the aforementioned acronym. Other than this, there isn't much to learn in terms of strategy, but there are a couple of tips to keep in mind. First of all, remember the general strategies for each of the games making up the event and don't confuse them. Then, make sure that you actually practice in some free events before you attempt to take on the real thing. You might be a bit surprised at how swapping out these strategies can affect you at first, but this goes away with some practice.

Finally, another tactic to keep in mind is to play passively whenever you are faced with something that isn't your strong suit. For instance, if you are an ace with Texas Hold'Em and Omaha but Razz tends to give you difficulty, then mind your chip stack as best as you can until this portion of the event is over. Of course, make sure that you focus on it because people will surely pick up on your weakness and bluff you out of your chips eventually.