HORSE Poker Strategy

HORSE is a very popular poker variation, which is actually playing 5 games at one table. The games are H : Hold'em, O: Omaha, R: Razz, S: Seven-card Stud high, E: Seven-card stud high-low Eight or better, or hi-lo. One of the key strategies to playing HORSE is knowing how to play all 5 of the games. Here are a few different strategies when playing HORSE.

You have to pinpoint the games in HORSE that you are good at and ones that you are not. So if you are better in Omaha than in Holdem it is a good idea to bet bigger with stronger hands playing Omaha since that is your game. Be careful betting big when playing a HORSE game that is not your strong one.

You have to be able to adapt to the different games quickly, as the games will switch at every deal. What this basically means is that you have to get ready every deal for a different game with different rules and betting options. Players that can handle different styles of poker better tend to be more successful playing HORSE.

Just like in any game you have to try to read the other players at the table and find out if they have any habits or tells. If you can find players at the table that are not strong at a certain game then you can take advantage of that and raise the pot more often, as they may fold or make bad bets more often. Also, in some HORSE games you will be able to see the other player's cards and this can really help you out in trying to figure out how your opponents play.

Typically, when you play HORSE online it is a good idea to play at only a single table. There are multi-HORSE tables that you can play at, but that is very hard since you are playing at more than one table in multiple games for each table. It can be hard to keep up with different games on different tables when you are playing online unless you a are a true expert. Make sure you master playing HORSE at a single table before venturing out and playing on multiple tables.

You will find that when you play HORSE that the competition will be better since there are 5 games going on at the table. More experienced poker players will play HORSE and you need to be aware of this, as the more experienced the player the better they will be and the less mistakes they will make.

HORSE is a very fun and exciting poker variation and if you are a beginner it is always idea to start playing at low stakes tables. The pace is fast at the game, but if you get good at it playing HORSE can not only be fun and exciting, but profitable as well.